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The effective choice, makes the difference.
As a consulting firm we aim to provide solutions in productivity and business results, through the search and selection of the key staff for organizations.
Our service is aimed at companies that the Human Capital is one of their most important assets.
We are specialists in human development, our team of consultants and researchers are committed to the organization and our customers.
We will be by 2014 the most recognized Executive Consulting Firm in Colombia, for the effectiveness of its processes.
Corporate Philosophy and Values
Create long term relationships with our clients and generate in them total satisfaction is our commitment, being a business partner for the Human Resources areas by the effectiveness of our processes.

Our practices are framed by respect for the competition and value for internal and external customers; the effectiveness is our prime of management.

Our values are ethics, loyalty, honesty, compliance, confidentiality, equality, credibility, and reputation.
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About Us

Effective Management is a consulting firm specializing in executive search, for mid level and executive positions.

Our approach is geared to providing solutions for productivity and business results, through the most qualified human talent in the organization.


Our team has more than twelve years of experience in consulting and market research.

Our global operations network has presence in Colombia and USA.